Pouring In Book

pouring_in_cov_FINAL (1)Pouring In: Tipping the Scales in Favor of a Personal, Passionate, and Permanent Faith in Your Kids
by Kim Kurtz
out end of November 2017

The world had changed. Families had changed. Values had changed. The meaning of religion had changed. After I graduated from high school twenty five years ago, the world was not what I expected. The moral landscape of college and life thereafter was hostile and foreign. I struggled when the faith of my childhood didn’t translate smoothly into adulthood. I was disillusioned when the formulas of faith and church that I had always known no longer worked. The messiness of life, the difficulty of marriage and relationships, and the many ups and downs I experienced overwhelmed me. My faith couldn’t handle it, and I walked away.

According to research, I wasn’t alone. 75% of young people raised in a Christian home leave the church after they leave the home. Numerous studies show that Christian families are losing their kids and have been for decades. A majority of churched youth aren’t developing a personal, powerful, and passionate faith in Jesus Christ. And a passive faith quickly fades to no faith at all.

We can no longer afford as Christian parents, as the church, or as a nation to ignore this problem. Pouring In addresses the profoundly difficult task of passing on a lasting faith to future generations. Effectively passing on the baton of faith allows our kids to experience the love, peace, and hope that can only come from a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, YOU have the power to greatly affect the trajectory of your child’s faith.

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